Mr. Mustapha Abayomi Kadiri

Registry Unit

The University officially commenced academic activities on Monday, 6th March, 2017 and the Registry was one of the pioneering units that was set up to provide high quality administrative services in the University.

The Registrar as the Head of the Registry Unit and the Chief Administrative Officer of the University, Secretary to the Council, the Senate, Congregation and Convocation and their Committees for which he may appoint Officers to act on his/her behalf. The Registrar is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor, for the day to day administration of the University. He or she is responsible for all University’s external communications, advertisement, announcement and general correspondences.

The occupant of the position is also responsible for the harmonization of the work of the College Officers in the various Colleges within the University, although the Officers are responsible to their respective Deans for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Colleges. He or she is responsible for the determination of all personnel matters including the interpretation of all staff entitlements under the staff regulations and serves as member/secretary to relevant Committees of Management as may be appointed.

The Registry Unit of Summit University, Offa is currently headed by Mr. Mustapha Abayomi Kadiri B.A., M.A. who as the acting Registrar carries out the statutory responsibilities of the Registrar. He is assisted by a team of highly qualified staff who ensure that all administrative activities of the University are carried effectively.

Phone Number: +234 805 235 3839