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Welcome Remarks from the Coordinator of the Department

Sikiru Okunlade Araoye was born in Ogbaaagbaa in Ola-Oluwa Local government area of Osun state. He holds the following academic degrees: BSC (Hons) Zoology, (University of Lagos), Masters of Business Administration (University of Maiduguri), Postgraduate Diploma in Economics (University of Lagos), Masters of Science in Economics (University of Lagos).

He has been a Non-executive Director on Dunlop Nig. Plc, General Manager of a private construction company based in Ibadan, Oyo state, Chief executive of Powerline Farms ltd before joining active politics where he was elected as one of the members of Osun State House of Assembly representing Ola-Oluwa State constituency.

He joined academic lecturing as an Adjunct Lecturer in Summit University, Offa where he later became Assistant Lecturer in the department of Economics till date. He is currently undergoing MPhil/PhD Economics at Kwara State University. Malete, Kwara State.

Philosophy of the Department

You are welcome to the page of the Department of Economics, Summit University, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria. The department of Economics offers courses leading to B.Sc. Degree in Economics for the duration of four years.

The philosophy of the department is to produce graduates with critical skills and abilities to abstract using simplified models that identify the essence of a problem; analyse and reason – both deductively and inductively; assimilate structure and analyse qualitative and quantitative data; communicate concisely the results to a wide audience, including those with no training in Economics, think critically about the limit of one’s analysis in broader socio-economic context; and draw economic policy inferences and to recognize the potential constraints in their implementation.


The Economics programme of Summit University seeks to train and produce middle-level manpower that will be adequately suitable to practice Economics in policy making and in any field of study with strong ethical and moral commitment.


Within the framework of the University mission, the programme aims at providing students with qualitative education as well as equipping the students with critical skills and abilities to enmesh in high moral /ethical refinement that will enable them function and practice Economics effectively in any field of study. In short, the programme aims at providing a broad education with professional and moral education and training.

Therefore, the objectives of the department are to:

  • Stimulate students intellectually through the study of economics and to lead them to appreciate its application to a range of problems and its relevance in a variety of contexts.
  • Provide a firm foundation of knowledge about the workings of an economy and to develop the relevant skills for the constructive use of that knowledge in a range of settings.
  • Develop students with appropriate tools of analysis to tackle issues and problems of economic policy.
  • Develop in students, through the study of economics, a range of transferable skills that will be of value in employment and self - employment.
  • Provide students with analytical skills and ability to develop simplified frameworks for studying the real world.
  • Generate in students an appreciation of the economic dimensions of wider social and political issues.

Vision of the departmentl

To achieve these objectives, the vision of the department is to grow into one of the leading centers of training for professionals embedded in a strong moral commitment.

Apart from providing the students with a sound theoretical knowledge, the programme of the department is designed to offer the students fairly high degree knowledge in the specialized areas of the discipline. This will not only avail the students how to handle public policy and common management problems but also provide them with a solid opportunity to specialize in any of the following areas: Industrial Economics; Quantitative Economics; Economics of Natural Resources; International Economics; Public Finance and Monetary Economics, to mention but view.


Coordinator of the Department


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