The Student Support Unit

Rabiat Oiza Fakunle

Lecturer | Student Support Unit Coordinator

Rabiat Oiza Fakunle is an indigene of Ebira land in Kogi state. She had her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Literary Studies (BA. English) from Al-hikmah University Ilorin (HUI), after which she proceeded for her Masters Degree in English Language at the University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State (Uniport). She is currently an academic staff in the Department of English and Literary Studies , College of Humanities, Summit University, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Student Support Unit

It is challenging for many students to pursue an academic degree or a profession all across the world. These issues arise from a variety of situations, including financial, mental, academic, medical, and even emotional issues. Due to those factors, the student support unit offers university students resources and assistance in a number of areas including counseling, learning support, career advice, answering questions, and general well-being. These programmes will aid students in meeting their academic objectives and enhancing their mental, emotional, and intellectual health. Resources and help are given to students as part of student support services in order to enhance their academic and personal development. Students can use the programmes to get assistance with a variety of problems, such as academics, employment, mental and physical health, and personal matters. These programmes allow students to concentrate on their academics by helping them to resolve issues that may have an impact on their academic success. The planned student support service unit's main objective is to make use of available resources to give students (and, in certain cases, staff members) the support and direction they need to succeed in both their academic and personal lives. The specific objectives of the unit are to help students identify and achieve realistic goals and to provide career assistance and services for counselling, providing guidance to students on personal matters, their health—both physical and mental—and financial difficulties. Seminars and training sessions are available for enhancing skills in disciplines including Math, English, Academic writing, and Computer knowledge, acting as the primary point of contact for students for all issues, including academic performance, registration issues, and personal well-being at the university.

In addition to improving academic success, the service offers counselling and career aid. In this case, students will receive guidance on numerous career paths depending on their interests and strengths. This will help students imagine and choose appropriate careers and will give them advice on how to set meaningful and realistic professional goals.

The activities of the student support services unit will be divided into four major areas .These areas are:

  • The Career Support Unit

    This division focuses on giving students services to help them advance in their jobs. This will be achieved by providing them with career guides and assisting them in selecting appropriate career pathways. Based on an assessment of their academic performance and extracurricular talents, appropriate career advice will be provided to the students.

    In order to prepare students for life after graduation, frequent workshops on CV writing, presentations, and interview tactics will be offered. Additionally, students will receive details about job positions, potential links with industry, and advice on how to create strong applications.

  • Performs other functions such as:

    This section's objective is to improve students’ academic performance. Here, students will take part in workshops on academic writing, the English language, effective sentence construction, punctuation usage, and sentence patterns. Additionally, because so many pupils have difficulty with math, they may also receive help in this area. Additionally, it is possible to schedule regular training classes on computer applications including Email, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive. This digital skills training is crucial given the current technological trend and the way the world is becoming more digital.

  • Student Well-Being

    Students will primarily receive advice on personal issues like money, housing, and motherhood in this area. The unit will advise the Learning Support Unit, for instance, if there are financial issues.

    Additionally, frequent training sessions on digital skills like using Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and email can be organised. Given the present technology trend and how the world is moving toward digitalization, this digital skills training will be essential. Students and faculty members will also be given instruction in critical thinking, citing sources, and avoiding plagiarism in order to improve their research techniques.

  • Help Desk Unit

    It will be the responsibility of the support desk to address any questions from college students. It will respond to questions from students about studying, signing up, associations, and the resources available to SUN, Offa students.

  • Outcomes and Indicators of Achievement

    The Student Support Unit improves student academic performance and enhances the personal well-being of students through guiding towards suitable careers which will improve their employability. This will, in turn, improve the status and ranking of the university..

    SUNO's student support service section is useful and necessary for student development and academic advancement. Students' academic achievements, employability, creativity, and personal well-being will benefit from the services and resources made available to them. Those beneficial effects will be realised because students will receive help and guidance in areas that would ordinarily impede their studies. They will be inspired and encouraged since the support services will unveil to them that they are not alone and that the institution supports them personally and intellectually.

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Rabiat Oiza Fakunle


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