University Logo

The Logo of the University as shown above has the following: (i) The Circles stand for universality; (ii) The Book stands for the Holy Qur’an, the source of faith, knowledge and wisdom; (iii) The hilltops stand for significant landmarks in the life of the University, its staff and students; (iv) The Rising Sun represents University throwing its rays of knowledge far and wide to illuminate the darkness of ignorance and moral decadence; (v) The gold colour represents the enlightenment of knowledge. (vi) White and Green have been the colours of the Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria since 1923. The white symbolizes peace, purity and new beginning; and the green symbolizes freshness and prosperity; The reasons for the vision and mission of the University are not too far to seek. For a nation to develop, it requires people who possess not only knowledge and skills but also moral and spiritual integrity. Such people would make meaningful contributions to their nation and humanity. They would also enjoy a good measure of self fulfilment.

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